Day 1, when Zosia decided to write in English.

Sunday, 06.19.2016, 9:58 P.M.

It’s freaking Sunday and I am in my hometown, talking to my lovely Cris. I’m Zosia, by the way. If you cannot pronounce my name (it’s basically kinda like Zosha), then call me Sophie.

I’ve lived on this planet for 21 years already and today I decided to finally write in English. The reason is simple – my Cris is American, I’m Europian and obviously, I’m gonna move to her.

The second reason? I definitely want to work as a journalist or writer. Or writer and journalist. Everyting, but writing. So here I am, typing those words, while Cris is bored and she’s pretending sleeping and snoring. Cute. Maybe one day I will tell you guys how we met, because it’s incredible story.

What Am I gonna write about? Simple. Some ridiculous situations from my life, I have full package of that! My film reviews and articles, so I hope you will like it. Also, I will be able to improve my English. Thank you in advance!

Couple words describing me and my life? Optimistic. Artist. In love. Obssesed with Orphan Black, Evelyne Brochu, fanfiction. Oh, and Coeur de Pirate.

I think that is enough for today. I guess Cris is really falling asleep and I’m not gonna let her. We have “Weird Science” to finish!

So, take care guys!

Zosia a.k.a. Del Cormyaaay a.k.a. Evelyne Zoshu. Or just Zoshu.


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