Day 2 – it’s raining all the time

Oh, yes, that’s Cris. And … Lord, it’s raining. And the weather is cold. And I just woke up. My cat, Mishka woke me up. Then coffee, and my favourite morning TV. They were talking about Polish people’s habits.

Oh yeah! Because I’m Polish. Apparently we are very opened (hahahaha! I’ve never heard better joke), happier and we work very hard (well, here I would agree). Poland is a very beautiful country, with amazing buildings and history. But the reality for me here isn’t good. Poland is super homophobic, because we have super conservative goverment. That’s why I don’t feel perfect here, in my country. It’s just sad. I was shocked, especially after shooting in Orlando. So many people died, I was crying and do you know what people here said? – Oh, they killed themselves, who lives in a sin, will die. They deserved it.

And many “Catholic” people said also many more horrible things. I really couldn’t believe in that. Like how broken and evil person you have to be to talk like that about fucking life?! And this is people from Poland, unfortunetaly… I cannot belive they think they are so religious and so good. Well then, assholes, congratulations, you’re going straight to hell!

I’m sorry, I’m just so pissed off at this. And another subject… 11 more days and I’m with Cris again! Long distance relationship is hard but we can do it!

I better go, because my sister is making breakfast, I should help her. Then she’s gonna complain how many things she did 🙂

Take care, dudes!



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