The same day 2 – 10:33 P.M.


Oh, hello! Up, up, look up. My crack from Orphan Black, and more specifically, about Delphine and Cosima and reactions on their reunion. I hope you will like it. I was laughing so hard when I was making it.


I finally had a chance to hang out with my siblingd, we had so much fun. Playing heads up and taboo, that was the best. And later we were listening to the songs from our childhood and singing out loud. Man, those were old times. I remember that we had that book with lyrics and in every free day from school, we were hanging out, and singing. Who cares we couldn’t sing?! That was the best.

Poor Cris is at work with that bitch. Obviously I cannot say who it is (who knows who reads this 😀 ). I just wish I could help her and be with her. But soon, soon. I’m slowly preparing for that. I’m fraking out before flight, but it’s always like that. Once I’m up and there are clouds around me, it’s good. Better not too many clouds! But still 🙂


And this is my Cris as a Black Swan, ha ha!

Oh, and when it’s about a blog, I’m slowly writing longer article for you, guys. Okay, I’m gonna watch Friends and soon sleeping. I mean COULD IT BE ANYMORE BETTER? 😀

And and! You have some photos from my day!



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