Day 4 -Never Go To The Market When It’s Sale – They Will Kill You!

Thursday, 09:01 A.M.

Oh, hello!

You’re probably wondering why am I up so early in my free time, huh? Well, I just got from the market back to my home. And I’m death! Guys, I’m serious! But let’s start from the beginning.

I have this market in Poland, it’s called Lidl. It’s kinda like Target or 99cents store. There was a sale, very cheap but very good clothes. I decided to go there with my baby sister, we picked what we want from the magazine and we went there right before store’s opening. We go there, I’m looking at the front of the store and I can’t believe!

Long, long queue contains from the fucking old women appeared in front of my eyes. Like, what the hell? Those clothes are for young women and teenagers! But well, I didn’t think about it too much, me and my sister just got off the car and came forward the store. Suddenly, the lady working there came to the doors, she opened it and…

IT STARTED! Those old women started running to the clothes, they threw thenselves on the pales and started looking, searching, fighting for good size. WHERE THE HELL AM I?!, I was thinking, when I saw all of that. Honestly, I’m so dissapointed, I didn’t take a video or photo for you guys. Seriously.

We didn’t care too much for pushing and fighting, we were just waiting politely for our turn. But, when it actually was my turn, every single fucking bitch was pushing me out. What the hell?! What do they even need those clothes? They really want shorts for 22 year old women?! And that’s not the end! They weren’t taking one pair. They were taking four, five pairs of the same clothing!

I was wondering where the hell I am, in the same time trying to get to the basket with clothes, still politely. I wasn’t going to push them or act mean, besides I knew perfectly well shop assistans were already laughing at them.

Hardly, hardly, I got what I wanted – two pairs of shorts, one blouse and one thing for the beach. The last and the hardest thing last – get the pants for my mom. Those fucking women took all of them! But suddenly, I noticed one, lonely pair and grabbed it. Size – good? We were very happy, because we found everything without acting like a fucking animal! We came to the house, and what turned out? That the pants are too small for my mom… Oh my Lord!

Anyway, I will never ever go to Lidl again when it’s sale! It’s not worth it. Too much stress, to much bad behaviour from actually old people! What the hell?! If you were wondering how the hell looks like? It’s exactly like that.

Fortunately, I’m at home, I ate breakfast, I am drinking coffee and looking at Cris. And I’m not stressed at all. Thank God!






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