The Best Time

12th of July, 2016

And second week is passing since I’m with Cris and it’s AWESOME. The trip in the plane was horrible this time. I picked window seat, but to be honest, I didn’t think this trough. I mean, I had two seats on my left next to me. Sooo… As you can already think, I stood up only once. Am I too good? I think I am because I didn’t want to bother people next to me. And belive me, they were weird!

I’m so happy I’m finally with Cris. We have a lot of time together and this is the best. We went to the cinema -AMC 16 and we saw “Conjouring 2”. That was crazy! I love those movies, but this, this was scary as shit!

Then, unfortunately, Cris’ car broke, so so far we’re doing local things and it’s awesome! Playing video games and yelling with emotions, that one thing I can do only with Cris.

When it’s about reviews, don’t worry folks! I will add something soon. We will definiely watch “Suicide Squad” and I can’t wait to review it.

Take care, guys! Greetings from hot Los Angeles,




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