American Dream with Love 

Oh, hello! 

Well, well… I haven’t written for some time. You need to forgive me. I am still with Cristina and I almost don’t use my laptop at all. Even now I’m writing on my phone and its frigging annoying. 

What new? Not much. Cristina’s car broke completely two days ago and it sucks! We cannot go anywhere and I swear, this car is like Christine by Stephen King! Anyway, she’s thinking about buying a new one and we will check place and people over the weekend. 

I’m still fighting with Insurance Company and its pissing me like Taylor Swift writing another song about another breakup… Add to that, I need to fill my internship papers. Eh, couple things to do this weekend. 

Fortunately, next week is gonna be bomb! Tuesday, we’re gonna be on filming Chelsea Handler show. I’m excited like a baby in a candy store. Thursday – Twilight Concert in Santa Monica. And on Friday – Universal Studios! I’m so happy!

On month left and I’m already freaking out. It’s gonna pass so fast. Eh. But I’m more than happy to be with Cris right now. 

Oh oh! And one more thing. On Monday were going to see Suicide Squad. I can’t wait for that movie. Review is probably gonna be here. Alright, monsters. I gotta run. 

Take care, my lovely suckers! 

Zoshu a.k.a Del Cormyaaay