Back to The College Reality

1st of September, 2016

Oh, hello!13690821_1160731773983639_4668973444925471991_n

And… I’m back. Not good, I feel so empty and so broken. I’ve spent two whole months with Cris and I was never without her. Suddenly, I need to come back to my reality and handle things here before I can move out and move to LA.

I know people feel pain because of different things. Some people might be hurt more about something and some people might not. For me the worst thing is being apart. The term of long-distance relationship become completely clear for me. I’m in Poland, Cristina is in Los Angeles – 9 599 km. And yet, we’re doing it. And we will make it. 10 months left.

Guys, before I add new film review (probably Suicide Squad), I will show you photos from the place whic13781729_1164928310230652_5894070127505931951_nh is my second home. Cris’ family is amazing family.
I spent a lot of time with her brother and his family. With her aunt and grandparents and mom. I met them even better than the last time and I know I will miss them too, very much. I realized that their family, although they live in the most popular city in the worlds, is really like mine – with tradition, close connection and amazing bonds. So, people from Poland – Don’t jugde Americans before you meet them! I miss them already.

And Cris. She’s on my Skype right now and I can’t even stop being aroung my laptop. She’s so lovely. It will pass soon, right? She will come in February.

I have to run, make s13920584_1180822878641195_8499798113080204922_nome errands. Wish me luck, guys.

P.S. Im adding some photos so you could see how was it.





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