She’s Sarcastic, She Drinks A Lot… She’s Chelsea Handler!

10th of September, 2016

Oh, hello!

That’s how usually Chelsea Handler welcomes her viewers all around the world, spinning on her chair. You don’t know who Chelsea Handler is? That’s a shame and I will tell you right now in my review about her very own Netflix talk show. After some thoughts… I think everybody who owns an account on Netflix knows who she is.


That is Chelsea, ladies and gentlemen! Before I start talking about her very honest and very sarcastic talk show, I will tell you some basics about Netflix’ comedian and journalist. Chelsea Joy Handler was born in Livingston, New Jersey, on February 25th 1975 (Oh nice! I was born on Februrary 24th 1995 – that’s why Chelsea is so awesome!). She is journalist, model, comedian and tv presenter. She had her own successes before, but most known she became as a host of late-night talk show Chelsea Lately.  Then she started working with Netflix and in January 2016 she released her documentary series Chelsea Does, which contained four episodes. Handler decided to check on drugs, marriage, technology and racism.


Isn’t she awesome? After this series, finally in May 2016 she started her new talk show, Chelsea! And why am I going to review this production? Because I had the pleasure seeing this live! Journalist, who curently lives in Los Angeles, produces three episodes a week. Taping happens on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and streaming, as you already might know, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Chelsea in her studio, Culver City, CA / photo from: google gallery

And awesome tee with Pat Benatar on the photo above. Because this and skirt defines Chelsea’s outfit in the talk show. And what journalist does in her studio? She meets stars, she talks to scientists and politicians, she laughs with other comedians and talks about Trump’s stupidity and elections. What makes it better than other talk shows? Simplicity. We don’t hear stupid scientific language and specifis words connected to law’s world. Chelsea asks simply and they answer simply. Because that’s how you should do it, so everybody could understand! Handler picks her topics and guests bt herself, she picks questions and the way she will ask about different stuff. Do we hear curses? Hell yeah! Do we have honesty? Oh yes. And this is cool, because life is not perfect, people are just people and Chelsea shows us that that’s how it is.

I think the most I like the fact that she talks a lot about elections. And not only with very known people. She talked with former Obama’s speech writer, which was very interesting.She talked with Mexico’s former president. I, as a future resident of USA, absolutely love this. Because thanks to Chelsea’s talk show, I know way more things. Even from celebrity’s life! In previous episodes, we could see Tatiana Maslany, Drew Barrymoore, Jay Leno and many, many more.


As you may guess, this is me in Chelsea’s studio on the photo above (I need to say, that the photo was taken before we were said to turn the phones off!). Me and my fiancee Cris had pleasure to see episode with Kate Upton, Sophia Amoruso and also some youtubers – SMOSH, Mamrie Hart and Flula. I was beyond happy that I could participate in taping my favourite show. I also found out a lot and saw it from the different perspective. It was fun to see later, what was cut off and what was not. Chelsea herself, was very funny with audience when there was time for break. And by the way, if you read this somehow, Chelsea, you look amazingly fit in a real life. Way to go, girl!


 Chelsea Handler Talk Show in Los Angeles on May 10, 2016. Guests include Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Hale and Chris Anderson (photo by Adam Rose/Netflix)

In a good review, I should write pluses and minuses down. But to be honest, I cannot see any minuses when it’s about this show. Chelsea teaches us, Chelsea curses and add to that, her lovely dog Chunk is always on the stage. She doesn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t accept marriage and will not have kids. This is the best thing – she’s honest and I love it.

Well, Chelsea, I can only wish you good luck and seeing your episode dedicated Russia (by the way, I’m not surprised you don’t wanna come there ever again!), I will be so glad if you consider visiting Poland. Today from me, Chelsea get 9 stars!

Chelsea’s video, MUST SEE!



  1. Gotta love Netflix Chelsea and those 80’s t-shirts! Nice informative article, and picture of you before the show. How cool that must have been to be there!


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