Do Not Take My Choice Away

03rd of October, 2016


This time I’m not gonna review any movie or tv show. This time I’m not gonna tell you what you should watch or not. This time I need to speak out for my country Poland and Polish women. I am a journalist. Although I still study, I feel like a journalist. And I feel it is my duty to step up and use written words to tell people all over the world and also, show my disagreement.

If you haven’t been informed yet, I’m gonna tell you what is going on and why we need support all over the world. One party, Law and Justice – very conservative and religious party, decided to implement the new anti-abortion law in our life. Before, Polish women could use abortion when they were raped, when the fetus was gonna die after birth and when woman’s pregnancy was in danger. And I thought it was okay. I thought that law was not the worst, because women still had a choice.

But now Law and Justice along with the help of the institution of the church wants women to give birth no matter what! No matter if they are in danger, raped or the baby is gonna die! Poland is a beautiful country,  but people here are falling down. And those people are people who are in charge and they shouldn’t be. They want to take us back to the medieval times. We don’t have equal rights, LGBT community is suppressed and now this is happening which is the worst.

My mind cannot comprehend the mentality of those people. Those people who are for the new anti-abortion law call themselves true Catholics. They think they follow The Bible and they do it right. But for real, they are living in a lie and they are blinded. Blinded by their own horrible views.

I do not think the church should be involved into politics. But here, in Poland, it is, very much. And the thing is, that people who really are good Catholics, who really understand that you should love someone no matter what, that you should be nice, that you should be honest do not have the clout. That hurts me the most.

I am fighting with my own ways with this case. I draw pictures, I post photos, now I am writing this. Some people asked me – why are you doing this? It’s not like you will change anything. Well, I prefer to do something, to raise my voice than not to do this and then regret. I am a woman. I am not a mother yet but I will be one day. I don’t plan to live in Poland but my sister and all women I know will be. I don’t want that future for them. I don’t want them to live in a fear when they happen to misscarry their pregnancy.

If you still don’t have the full view of what’s going on, I am gonna help you. Ispired by the speech in A Time To Kill, I will help you to imagine everything and feel the horror of all women. This is what is gonna happen when the new law becomes the reality.

There is a beautiful, 11 years old girl. She is looking at you, calling you to help her with her homework. She is your daughter. You love her more than anything, you cherish every moment with her, she is your little angel. You help her with what she needs and after that she goes to school. You kiss her before she goes and tell her how much you love her and how much you are proud of her. You are occupied with your work after. Couple hours later and she is not back home. You are worried sick, but you don’t know what to do. In a moment when you want to go outside and start looking for her, you got the call. Uknown number. You open your eyes wide as you hear the voice in the phone. Your little angel is in the hospital. She was brutaly raped. (…) Can you see her? Her raped, beaten, broken body? (…)* Your whole world is falling apart. You are running to her, you didn’t even take car, you’re just running. When you finally are in the hospital, when you finally see her little body, you can’t stop crying. You let your tears fall down.

The second week passes by. You are at the doctor’s office and you hear the worst thing ever – your little angel is pregnant. She is just a little child. You still remember how you helped her with her homework before she went to school. Your  11 years old daughter is pregnant. And then it hit you like a giant rock in the head. She will have to give birth. Your little angel will have to give birth to the child of her rapist, because this is new Polish law and she has to. You’re hiding your head behind your hands and you cry. Because there is nothing you can do. You will just have to look at your little daughter  to go through pregnancy. Why? Because your goverment thought it was a great idea changing the good law.

Can you imagine that? Do you feel that? It does not matter whether you’re a mother or father in this horrible situation. You can even be a brother, a sister or a grandma. You’re gonna have to go through something like that, you’re gonna have to watch your daughter/sister/cousin/granddaughter to go through something like that.

And this will happen also when adult is raped. Or if the woman misscarries the pregnancy. If the new anti-abortion law passes, they will have to give birth or fight in the court, accused of prenatal murder.

Today is the protest. I am not going to my college because I want to show that I don’t agree with that. I hope people all over the world will keep fingers crossed for Polish women. And Polish people who are for anti-abortion law? It’s gonna be brutal what I’m gonna say – if the new anti-abortion law goes through, we will see. We will see when how you experience what you’ve voted for. We will see how you cry over your daughter/sister/wife. Because she will have to give birth to this child.

Do not do that. This is our choice.