Playing With The Enemy In The New Season of ‘X Company’

12th of January, 2017

Season 3 of Canadian spy drama has begun… With a loud bum. Where did it end? At Dieppe. It was a loss of our five heroes, death of Tom (Dustin Milligan) and abduction of Miri, Neil’s love (Warren Brown). But, despite of thrilling and decidedly touching moments, we also had great news. Franz Faber (Torben Liebrecht), Brigadeführer, who was promoted by the man himself, decided to work with Allies.


The first episode started with arrival of Duncan Sinclair (Hugh Dillon) himself. He decides to help his team out. He still doesn’t trust Faber, especially that his deal’s condition was not to involve his wife Sabine (Livia Matthes) into the whole thing. It turns out the man doesn’t even know where his wife is. Aurora (Évelyne Brochu) along with Alfred (Jack Laskey) leave the base and try to find the woman. Things get complicated when Aurora sees her with an older man who turns out to be her father and really serious, respectable man with the high status. The team is affraid that Sabine will tell him everything about the deal with Faber and well… They might be right. The episode ends with the scene of Sabine who says – Papa…It’s serious. It’s about Franz. 

Meanwhile, Neil struggles with the loss of his best friend Tom at Dieppe. The man also tries to find out what happened to Miri. Harry helps him out. After a road trip, they are stopped by a Nazi truck who ran out of the gas. Just at the end spies realize, that in the truck there are no officers, but prisoners and… Miri.

I think the interesting thing in the episode was Kristina’s (Lara Jean Chorostecki) evolution. Yes, I think I can say that. Right after her boss Sinclair goes to the team, she takes things into her hands and no, she’s not gonna play with traitors. I hope there is gonna be more of her this season.


Third and the last season of X Company promises to be the most exciting season, especially for me, Polish woman. In episode fourth, the gang will end up in Poland, trying to find out more about Sabine’s father.

The next episode is gonna focus on Franz’s promoting party. Aurora is gonna be Helene Bauer. Evelyne Brochu in the interview for Real Style says – It’s Faber’s (Torben Liebrecht) promotion party, but he’s undercover for us. I go undercover from that day on, as a German character. So we’re both on these undercover journeys, where we’re both mirroring each other’s journey of pretending to be someone else and being in danger for it.


For me, Aurora is one of the most interesting characters in the show. She was a journalist, as me, she is strong, she is a leader yet she is lost. We saw how in season 2 she lost herself in undercover. She was supposed to pretend to be a friend of Sabine, but she actually became her friend. We see her struggles, her tear between the team and her new friend. How is she supposed to fight for freedom and get back Sabine’s trust? We will see. As Brochu said in one interview, she will become Helen Bauer for 24/7. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s probably gonna be the hardest thing to do for Aurora, because she will have to leave herself somewhere in the base and become this new, German  sympathizer lady. I assume it’s not gonna be easy to come back to her own personality afterwards.


The tensions raises, enemies are all around, but I don’t doubt in the team. I know that the moment when they cross Poland is gonna be the most thrilling moments. I’m looking forward to it.