17th of October, 2017


“Fear The Walking Dead” is a post-apocalyptic TV show created by AMC Studios, Circle of Confusion and Valhalla Entertainment. Alike “The Walking Dead”, production focuses on a group of people who try to survive the epidemy of zombies. Madison, her husband Travis, their children: Alicia, Nick and Chris as well as Travis’ ex-wife Liza. They move from Los Angeles to Mexico, they do everything for survival. Characters gain new allies as well as enemies. They also lose their loved ones.

“Fear…” is more focused on relationships between people than the whole idea of zombies and, in my opinion, it’s something that attracts people. I feel like walkers are only a trigger for people to start fighting. Throughout three seasons, the wievers have a chance to see characters evolve and change. In the name of the series, I decided to focus on one of the main, two female characters: Madison Clark and her daughter Alicia who are one of the most imporant figures in the show.


Maddie is with the viewers from the very beginning. She is like mother who leads her children through the pain, laughter and – most importantly, survival. For many reasons, Madison is very alike “Orphan Black’s” Mrs. Siobhan Sadler (I wrote about the show earlier). When she finds out that zombie apocalypse is true, she doesn’t panic, no. A woman decides to find all her family and fight for survival. Many times she is about to sacrifice herself to protect not only her family and children, but also her friends. Maybe her behaviour has a connection to what she used to do befoe zombies? Madison used to be a therapist, some sort of psychologist in high school where also Alicia attended.

She is the one who makes all tough decisions, no matter what people say. Madison doesn’t care what others think. All she wants to do is to keep everyone alive and safe. Althought she loves her children very much, she doesn’t treat them like that. When Nick, her son wants to leave on his own, she lets him. The same goes with her husband and his son. In my opinion,  Madison is the embodiment of a strong, modern-day female warrior. It even comes to her opposing the army and threatening to kill one of soldiers just to get out of danger. And the danger doesn’t come from the walkers, but from the mortals.

Madison is only a human, of course, and sometimes even her loses it. But then she can calm down without doing anything stupid and I think it’s a great quality. The woman breaks a stereotype of weak, unstable female character in a war. She doesn’t need a saviour. She is a saviour. She doesn’t let anybody lead her. She’s the one who leads.


Her daughter, Alicia, is really alike her mother. She’s young, around 18 years old. Although her age, she is mature enough to take a lead when Madison leaves to look for water and supplies. Alicia, young woman, has to make tough decisions that lead to either death or survival of people on the Ranch (their temporary home). That one situation defiens her, makes her stronger, but also makes her realize that nothing might change. That apocalypse is permanent and they might never have a normal house ever again.

When the viewers meet Alicia, she seems like a spoiled brat, always on her phone and listening to her music. She only cares about finding her high school boyfriend. But once the apocalypse starts, fans have a chance to see a new face of female character – strong, caring about her family etc.

It’s really important for female fans all over the world to see how mother-daughter relationship works here. When Madison is not in charge, she gives Alicia that chance. The viewers can see what zombie apocalypse does to Alicia. She’s not only more mature, she has to grow up faster and become her mom’s partner. But all of that has a price. Alicia seems to lose all hope for the future. Episode after episode her flame goes out. And she has to do something about it.

Besides Madison and Alicia, there is also Ofelia and Liza. But the first two are the ones who the viewers know from the very beginning. They show that women can be very strong, even in the most dangerous life situation. They also can unite if they have to, without any agruments or grudges.

The viewers had a chance to see two hours’ season finale previous Sunday. Hopefully, we will soon see what’s gonna happen with Madison and others as the creators left us with a huge cliffhanger.


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