A word about remakes and reboots. American remakes and reboots

14th of May, 2018

   Before I can start reflecting on the subject of the article, I have to present two definitions – remake and reboot. Both are many times mistaken for the other. They are similar kinds of movies, yet different.


   I do not know what is with American producers and eternal remakes and reboots. 2 months ago BBC America annnounced the list of possible and already certain reboots. The list includes those but not all of them –  Charmed reboot set in modern times, darker version of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Murphy Brown and, possible, The Twilight Zone and Party of Five. Charmed Season 2 HeaderThe questions is why to reboot a good show that already ended and left the viewers with beautiful memories? Let’s take Charmed. As a teenage girl, I was obssesed with Phoebe, Prue and Piper – later Paige. Halliwell sisters were strong, brave and caring. CW already ordered a series and it will be on air in 2018-2019 season. The story is set in contemporary times and revolves around three sisters witches – Mel (Melonie Diaz), Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffrey) who discover their heritage and have to deal with it. Seems the same, right? Fans were not really happy about completely new cast and the whole reboot idea. Even Holly Marie Combs who played Piper she expressed her dissatisfaction on Twitter.

   Myself, I do not think that rebooting original TV shows is a good idea. There are some exceptions, but usually the reboots are not the best.

   Talking about remakes is even more hurtful. Watching movie made by American producers, the viewers never think about whether it is remake or not. Furthermore, person who is not interested in films, will even think it is the greates original American masterpiece. And that is where they are wrong. 002-1-1024x778Researching the subject for the article, even I was surprised and shocked by some titles – Bedazzled with Bredan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley from 2000 for example is a remake of English production with the same title from 1967 with Dudley Moore. The same was with Jungle 2 Jungle (originally 1994 French film Un indien dans la ville), The Tourist with Angelina Jolie (French Anthony Zimmer from 2005 with Sophie Marceau) or even Vanilla Sky! Yes, Vanilla Sky (Spanish original was titled Open Your Eyes – Abre los ojos).
   Sad, isn’t it? It is turning out we do not know what is original and what is remake anymore. The same goes for American The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Only a few people realize that it is the remake of great Swedish saga named Män som hatar kvinnor. In this case Swedish producers made all three parts based on the book and they are 100% better than American one.

   But in this case it is not about which one is better – original or remake, but about the knowledge (or more lack) of the original source. People don’t know and they don’t have a comparison of both versions. That is why I decided to watch and compare. Sometimes one is better, sometimes the other. Sometimes both are great or awful. The most important thing is to research and find out.

   On the other hand, I think American producers should admit right away about buying the rights to remake and be a little louder about it. I think that would be great for the movie world.