Remember My Words. Forget My Name.

23th of September, 2016

The title is actually a quote. Those are words of Aurora Luft – one of the main characters in Canadian/Hungarian tv show called “X Company”. You don’t know this show? Well, that’s a shame, but I’m coming with the review of this production, so you would know if you liked it. Let’s get started.


“X Company” tells us the story of five people who are trained and prepared to serve during the World War II as secret agents for the Canadian  facility in Ontario. After the training they are supposed to be sent to the field and complete different missions. It is a spy thriller series, created by Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern.

There had been two seasons of the show by far. Third and in the same time last season is gonna air around February 2017. As the creators say, the project was in their minds for a long time. They finally could produce  what they’ve dreamed of. And I can tell you one thing. They did it good.


What are the opinions? Different. Some people say that the historic facts are messed up. Other say that the show is good. Denette Wilford from Huffington Post said that X Company is another history lesson CBC is offering audiences, and it nails it once again. I’m not gonna say whether I agree with it or not. I am not historician either and I can’t point exactly what facts may or may not be truth. The one thing is for sure – Camp X existed in a real life and I don’t need anything else.

Someone may be upset with me and not agree with me. Well, if the show is so good, I don’t care if one thing may not be exactly true. Besides, iny my opinion in this show is more about human relationships during the World War II other than exact historic events.

Aurora Luft. Alfred Graves. Neil Mackay. Harry James. Tom Cummings. Five people and they have one target – sabotage of as many Nazi’s plans of destroying the world as they all can do. Spies take the orders from Duncan Sinclair, the leader of Camp X in Ontario. They communicate each other by Morse code through the stations with iambic paddle. The master of it is Harry James, the youngest of all. The leader of the group is Aurora Luft – half Jewish half German young woman. She was journalist at the time when Germans took France. She immidiately organizes a group of Resistance fighters. She knows she’s not gonna let Germans take her land just like that.


She’s an excellent leader. And here we have another thing I need to talk about. How media changed their attidute towards women’s roles. There she is, a female leader. She’s in charge of four other fighters, four men and she is amazing at it. Aurora is smart, Aurora has a strong sense of intuition and the most important – she knows what she does.

I could not not mention amazing character – Alfred. The man joins the group only because of one reason. He has super intelligence and memory. He can only look at something once and he remembers. That’s why he is deathly weapon for Germans. In the same time as he works with others, he needs to be protected. Aurora is told not to let Germans take him alive. It’s getting harder and harder, because young woman find strong feelings towards him.


Their relationship is really strong. In the same time though, Aurora always tries to treat all friends equally, so at one point, she is really torn apart.

We also have Tom, Neil and Harry. Tom and Neil are very good friends. They know each other very well, they are loyal and respectful towards Aurora. The same goes with Harry. Although he has rebellious moments , he knows that the woman is a great leader.

As I’m talking about the characters I also have to mention the actors who did and do amazing job, bringing the history back again. Evelyne Brochu, Warren Brown, Jack Laskey, Connor Price and Dustin Milligan are doing amazing job, creating characters all fans adore and support. When we look at the pictures behind the scenes, we also see how close all of them are. It’s really important for actors to be friends, because then characters are real.

As I said at the beginning, “X Company” circulates around the World War II. It is about five spies who complete missions, sabotage Germans and fight for their country. But in the same time you see their connections. Their closeness. Their personal struggles. You see how Tom is apart with his love. How Harry falls in love and is in pain. How Alfred is scared because he hates gun shots and gun, but he has to fight it in order to serve the country. You see how Aurora has to cope with loss and how she has to gain the trust of someone who could be best friend, but she can’t be friends with them. And you notice that all of them have problems, big problems. But all of them support each other.

Next to it, we witness horrible scenes from World War II. We see executing innocent men, because that’s what they had to do. We see how sometimes you need to kill someone who you love, so they could be safe, so they wouldn’t be in slavery. We see how strong you have to be after losing the best friend, in that moment you just need to pull yourself together and fight for your country.

To be honest, watching “X Company” was really personal for me. First thing is that I am Polish. As we all know, Poland was kicked down, beaten all the time, people from Poland were in concentration camps, they were executed. So watching this producion made me realize, made me appreaciate one more time what people from the past did for our future. In one or maybe two episodes there is Polish man who helps spies. I was watching and I was wondering what would I do if I lived in the times of World War II. Would I fight like them for my freedom? Would I be caught? Or would I just give up straight away?

I couldn’t answer on any of these question. I just appreciated my greatgrandfather one more time. Him and many other people.

Today “X Company” gets 8/10 stars. If you like drama, if you like spy thrillers and some history, this tv show is for you. Plus amazing cast and acting deserves audience and applause.